A New Years drink

It’s a misty murky New Year’s Eve: at the same time it’s good to see flashes of colour and the River Gade rushing along laden with snow melt. You can have a bit too much of this snow business. We remain frozen in and wonder if we get down to the pound below by the time the boatyard opens again on Tuesday.

We started the day with our normal grandchild fix and then went for a walk through the park. We met up with our South African friend and his two Jack Russells and had a good chat. He hadn’t heard that the green fields next to his house were one of the possible sites for a new 1600 pupil school. Then we went across the Ironbridge and along to NB Blackbird. Carrie and Simon had left a bottle of blackberry wine, made by Carrie and the label illustrated with one of her drawings, in our cockpit a couple of days ago. A lovely surprise to come back to. They were “at home” and we had another happy couple of hours of good conversation in the cosy cabin drinking Carrie’s sloe gin. Alan always says that he prefers our diesel fire but the blazing solid fuel fire of Blackbird was throwing out a lot more heat than our diesel Bubble stove. We have what we have and won’t be changing but I was a bit envious, especially as our fire had been off since last night and we came back to a cold boat. Alan is cooking a stir fry and he just held up the nut oil that is frozen to a cold thickness.

There are just over five hours to go until the New Year but it has already been celebrated in New Zealand and Australia. (New Zealand is the first place in the world to see in each New Year.) My sister who lives in the Blue Mountains in Australia tells me that the huge firework display there cost $5 million this year which seems a rather scandalous amount!

We will watch Jools Holland Hootenanny, always a treat and we have often found new favourites like Betty Laverne from the show. Tomorrow will be a busy day with the other grandparents coming over to meet Maggie and a big family meal planned, so we wish all our friends through the blog a very Happy New Year and good health and happiness in 2011.

Statistics so far:-

2141.60 Miles, 1209 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


One Response to A New Years drink

  1. Carrie says:

    It was a pleasure to raise a glass to the new year with you 🙂
    I’m afraid we did ‘cook’ you a bit – I’d just had the oven on so the combined heat was a bit overpowering!
    See you along the cut x

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