Croxley in the snow

The snow started falling with a vengeance yesterday morning as we set off for home to meet baby Maggie. We had left the car at the bottom of Baldwins Lane and decided to take it back home to the safety of the drive. The baby was sleeping very peacefully for most of the time we were at home and Ralph was very taken with her. He was also very taken with the new vintage die cast Mercedes he was given as a present from the baby. So much so that when I took him to tell a couple of the neighbours, although he could say her full name, Maggie Clementine Rose, he told them that a Mercedes had arrived, which was obviously slightly more memorable.

By the time we left to go back to the boat there was a great depth of snow and chaos on the hill at the bottom of Baldwins Lane. One car was struck part way up with snow being shovelled from under it. It was finally pushed to the top by three volunteers who then escorted down by pushing against the bonnet another sliding car. Another car then tried to get up and got stuck blocking the road. There was a great line of waiting cars at the bottom and three buses trying to turn at the Links Way junction as they couldn’t go any further. The passengers from the buses were all disembarking and going on by foot clutching all their Christmas shopping. Obviously people forget that the hill becomes impassable in heavy snow though it has happened during the last two winters. I can’t imagine what they were thinking of when they took their cars out with heavy snow predicted. Some of them might have been trying to get to the wedding at the Baptist Church half way up Baldwins Lane. Poor things, let’s hope they were holding the reception in the church hall!

The canal and towpath look very picturesque and when I looked out at 11 pm it was almost as bright as daytime with the moonlight reflecting back off the snow. This morning the ice was much thicker and we can’t move the tiller arm, though the pound below the lock remains unfrozen because of the river water running into it. The snow is still sitting several inches deep on the boats though there has been no new fall today and the temperature is set to plummet to -8 tonight. I was supposed to be meeting friends at the civic carol service in the town centre this evening but we have all abandoned the idea. The roads will be dangerous when the snow freezes and the pavements likewise if I walked.

We had a play in the park with Ralphy this morning though the snow had to be brushed from the swing and he suddenly felt very cold and had to be rushed home. His little sister has day and night confused and cried all night and was asleep all the time we were there this morning so they are exhausted. We will hope to be able to take him somewhere tomorrow morning so that they can catch up on sleep. The snow may be pretty but it does make things difficult! At least grandparents can go home and get a good night’s sleep.

Baldwins Lane

Bridgewater Marina

Moorings or Winding hole?

Our moorings

Statistics so far:-

2141.60 Miles, 1209 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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