Extreme cooking

Frances pops up home to Ralphy sit as Gaby wanted to do some more Christmas shopping and I got to stay on the boat to do a double cooked souffle. All was going well as I popped the ramekins into the oven. I had made quite a mess and the dirty dishes were piled high on all available surfaces so I thought that I should do the washing up while the souffle cooked and before heading up to assist with grandparent duties.

So having started the dishes I spot that the over flow grill on the draining board was askew and possibly leaking so screwdriver in hand I start on the little job, big mistake. I ended up with water all over the place and the souffle’s risen needing to be removed from the oven as I frantically relocated the kitchen cupboard contents around the boat, starting with the basket of veg. The floor was covered with the contents and every available surface and I was also trying to find a home for the souffles. I had been running the engine as I needed to blend the mixture with our hand held electric liquidiser, I turned off the engine and set about recovering the situation. Refitting the overflow pipe, washing the dishes, mopping up the water and removing the souffles from the ramekins for the second stage of cooking later in the day.

It took three goes to refit the overflow, I really needed longer arms or another pair would have been handy but Frances was otherwise occupied. Eventually everything was more or less ship shape, the cupboard contents had not been returned but I was leaving that until the cupboard was fully dried out. So I just needed to get the boat key and head off for a Ralphy fix. Could I find the key? I was up and down the length of the boat with no success. I then though that maybe I had put it on the bed and then covered it with the basket of veg, no such luck but I did discover that there had been water in the basket and it was now on the bed.

The key was eventually found among the last of the washing up and with the duvet drying I made my escape.

Why do you only get this sort of event on boats? Wait there was the time when I was cooking with a wok that had a hook on the handle and it …… maybe some other time.

Statistics so far:-

2141.60 Miles, 1209 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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