Staying put

Alan said today that it is very pleasant to be staying somewhere for more than one or occasionally two nights. We have been moving quickly this year, for us. We decided to leave the fire on last night after a dreadfully cold awakening yesterday and it was so much better to eat breakfast without steaming breath and frozen fingers. We have some ice left on the canal and very little movement. Ara and Archimedes went back up with great reliability a week after they went down towards London and said that they will be back here in another week so we will make sure we are filled up for the Christmas break.

I spent a morning at home sorting out clothes and moving things backwards and forwards from the loft. Its good to get out of jeans and fleeces for once and very good for the soul to de-clutter. At least its good for my soul, Alan always finds de-cluttering deeply traumatic! We finished the afternoon with a hour or so of Ralphy time and Alan is now making a pasta and chestnut recipe from Saturday Guardian’s Weekend magazine.

Statistics so far:-

2141.60 Miles, 1209 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


One Response to Staying put

  1. pete says:

    de-cluttering is definately a female thing and yes it is traumatic, why do you all make us do it?!

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