More Chores

We have a number of chores and things to be tidied on the boat. Yesterday afternoon I repaired the cratch cover. The tape that fastens the cratch to the boat had been torn off and needed to be stitched back on. I had already done the other side when we were in Chester. The difference between then and now was many degrees in temperature. The extra chill seemed to make the job much harder than last time, not so much because my fingers were cold but it just seemed harder to get the needle through the heavy duty tape and waterproof material cover. In the end I stitched it less adequately than last time but added some glue in between the lines of stitching.

Meanwhile Alan was once again scratching silicone out from round the shower, which seems to be a never ending task if to be done well.

This afternoon I went off to the local Arthritis Care group’s Christmas party. I had been the group leader arranging the meetings for a couple of years until we went off on the boat. Jacky, the present leader, asked Alan and I to be guest speakers for the September meeting with a slide show and talk about our travels. Today was just for enjoyment and it was great fun to join everyone for the party and see so many good friends.

I returned to the boat to find that Alan had moved on to the next stage of the shower repair and he had replaced the silicone. He also seemed to have covered himself and a good part of the bathroom with silicone. He said that he thought he would pass out with the fumes in the confined area and that maybe he should have done it when I was here in case he needed rescuing. He’s now gone out for a drink with a friend from the Watford Chess Club, that he belonged to for more years than can be remembered.

Statistics so far:-

2141.60 Miles, 1209 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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