A meeting with friends

Sunday was a very lazy day in the morning at least. We pottered doing little chores. Alan took my GHD hair straighteners to bits to find out why they were working intermittently. Well that problem’s solved, now they don’t work at all. His eyes lit up as he spied a Christmas present solution. No such luck, I can’t wait till Christmas for a replacement! I think the trainings going well and then he makes a basic mistake like that.

We were staying an extra night at Cowroast because we had arranged to meet up with friends Carole, Paul and Steve from NB Weston Lady in the afternoon at the Cowroast Pub. When we looked for a boat to buy all those years ago Weston Lady was one of the first boats we viewed. We liked it a lot but thought that we should look at more boats rather than rushing into it. After buying Lazydays we were at Bulbourne one weekend and spotted Weston Lady moored near the Grand Junction. We stopped to say hello and that was the first of many meetings usually around Marsworth or Cowroast. We did once chance on Weston Lady at Rickmansworth and teamed up with them through all the locks to Winkwell in one long and very arduous day. Now they are about to start their own journey round the system in Spring next year and we had a great catch up and talk about where we have been and where they plan to go. Hopefully we’ll see them out and about on the system in the new year.

The old Bulbourne workshops – now an Iron works gallery

The Grand Junction, recently refurbished but still doing really good beer

Statistics so far:-

2127.67 Miles, 1176 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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