Fenny Stratford

This has been a very squally day and the wind has been buffeting us. There’s been a fair amount of rain as well, not the best conditions for moving on. However we need to be in Marsworth by Sunday so we decided to finish our circuit of Milton Keynes as far as Fenny Stratford. It was a matter of just gritting our teeth and going for it: needless to say we saw no one else moving all day until a boat went past after dark with its headlight beaming. We took half hour turns and I managed to make lentil soup and buttermilk scones in my time off. I can get into the kitchen to satisfy my culinary urges by surreptitious means: Alan usually likes to cook in the evening provided I produce a recipe and the ingredients.

Fenny Stratford was reached by 12.30 and we had plenty of room to moor on rings. Its the first time I have been here when there are mooring spaces but I guess most sensible folk are tucked into winter moorings. There was a brief debate on whether we would go into Milton Keynes city centre or round the nearby park, both my ideas, or whether we would stay in and read, Alan’s idea. Another burst of rain decided us and the afternoon has truly been a lazyday.

Sorry no pictures today the weather was to squally and it was a Lazy Day.

Today we did 6.49 Miles

Statistics so far:-

2107.94 Miles, 1153 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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