A meal at the boathouse

We had a couple of days at home, mainly enjoying some time with our daughter and grandson. We can get home in an hour from Rugby (that is if we don’t miss the train as we did while gripped by a crossword on Tuesday – and we had already been waiting an hour!) The Geoff Amos bus drops us right at the train station but the once an hour service usually means a wait on at least one leg of the journey.

We invariably go out for a meal on our day back as we don’t have time to shop. Last night we decided to try the two for one offer at The Boathouse. We both chose grills, Alan steak and me lamb steak. My lamb was mainly bone and fat, the sort of chop that you might have in a broth but in no way a steak: there was barely a couple of mouthfuls of meat. Alan’s steak was OK but we really felt that we hadn’t got two meals worth £10 each. I guess it reflects the increases in food prices. We needed pudding or I, at least, would have been leaving hungry, and they were very good.

It hasn’t been a great day weatherwise but it was a “maintenance” day so it didn’t matter. We started by going back to the water point next to Midland Chandlers to fill up then moored again nearby. A good food shop was called for so we got the 12.30 bus to Daventry Tesco, which is fortunately next to the bus station as it was raining heavily by the time we got there. We were back at the boat by 2.30 and after a quick cuppa I completed the day’s excitement by taking a trolley full of washing to the laundrette at the marina.

I apologise to anyone who has read so far in the forlorn hope that something, anything, vaguely interesting might have happened today but I guess life has to include the mundane!

Today we did 0.73 Miles

Statistics so far:-

2069.40 Miles, 1132 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 34 Tunnels


2 Responses to A meal at the boathouse

  1. Halfie says:

    I have been meaning to ask you, ever since starting to read your blog, how do you calculate your distance travelled? Is it on a GPS? If so, how do you remember to take readings all the time?

  2. nblazydays says:

    Yes we have a GPS but as you imply we invariably forget to turn it on when we start moving. But we also have an OS map on the computer and I use that most of the time.

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