Battery Monitor

Well we have now replaced the batteries and I have also fitted the new battery monitor. I had popped down to the Braunston Chandlers when we first arrived in Braunston and found them very helpful and informative so ordered five 135AH batteries to replace the four 220 AH Elecsols. The Elecsols come with the terminals at one end of the battery and this made playing around with the connections a very dangerous affair as the positive and negative terminals were all mixed up and within 10 cm of each other so extreme caution was required even with reduced capacity. The new arrangement with traditionally placed terminals at opposite ends makes for a much safer and neater arrangement, all the positive terminals down one side and all of the negative terminals down the other. I did have a problem fitting the existing lugs onto the power monitor shunt but this was dealt with swiftly by Braunston Chandlers. We simply replaced the 8mm lugs with new 10mm lugs crimped in situ and I had the power monitor up and running in no time. It was a most satisfactory experience dealing with Braunston Chandlers and everyone working there was both friendly and helpful.

I do not know why we have waited so long to fit a power monitor and I hope that it will help with with extending the life of the new batteries, we will just have to see. It will be nice not to have to get up in the morning and measure the voltage.

The battery replacement was a very tiring experience as the old batteries each weighed 50Kgs and as with all things on a boat not the easiest things to get to, we also had to carry the batteries through the back canopy of another boat.

We then reversed down to the 48 hour moorings outside Braunston marina for some well earned rest and then a late afternoon stroll down to the Admiral Nelson for a pint or two. The last time we were here they had just put up shutters and closed the pub down so it is nice to see that it has been restored to its former working glory.

Admiral Nelson

Today we did 1.42 Miles

Statistics so far:-

2068.67 Miles, 1132 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 34 Tunnels


One Response to Battery Monitor

  1. brian says:

    Any reports on the food at the Nelson, not over impressed when I went there just after the reopening a long time ago

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