More chores

The clocks went back on Saturday night so we completely wasted the extra hour gained on Sunday by staying in bed longer. Obviously everyone else did the same because there were no early boats passing. (Thank goodness, we lost another of our large fenders later in the day as it was split by the pressure exerted by boats speeding past).

We started our chores by walking over to Midland Chandlers to buy the oil and air filter so that Alan could do the engine oil change. He has bought the oil filter from Halfords of late so dithered over which was the correct one to buy. It came down to a choice of two and he assured the helpful chap that he needed the smaller one, not the larger as recommended. I was sent back a little later to change it!

As well as the oil change we did a good clean up around the engine, and now we are all ready for the big battery changeover tomorrow. The heel is still painful so I left Alan on the boat while I did my usual circuit through the village and back along the towpath. After all the movement today I see that there are 48 hour mooring places empty so I guess things will be quieter from now on, with the end of half term and the return to base of summer only boaters.

Fuel boat refuelling (road tanker is off shot)

Braunston Marina

Statistics so far:-

2067.25 Miles, 1132 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 34 Tunnels


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