A slow start

Having arrived back at the boat late afternoon yesterday we decided to walk to the village to get some shopping and a Chinese takeaway. When we got up there we discovered that the Chinese takeaway shop was either a figment of my imagination or somewhere else entirely so we went to The Plough. We had made a resolution not to visit a pub for some weeks after a period of overindulgence but needs must! Anyway Alan very much enjoyed his two pints of excellently kept Adnam’s Broadside and a steak and ale pie. I decided to give the lamb casserole another chance. We had eaten at The Plough once before nearly two year’s ago and were served a black and dried up version of lamb casserole that had given us a very bad impression of a pub that we know is generally rated quite highly. Luckily this wasn’t the case last night and the lamb casserole was much improved.

Alan has been suffering from a very painful heel and his hobbling up to the village and back last night hadn’t done it any good so we put off plans to explore Rugby today. Instead I caught the very reliable Geoff Amos bus to Sainbury’s and staggered back with a very overloaded wobbly wheeled shopping trolley. As it was a day of chores after lunch I took the still surviving trolley laden with washing down to the laundry at Braunston Marina. I noticed that they were advertising for sale NB Mr Bunbury that had moored next to us for four years at Cowroast.

Its been an immensely busy day on the canal with boats passing almost constantly and I noticed on my way back to the boat that every possible mooring space was taken. It will be interesting to see if things quieten down after the end of half term, though most boats don’t seem to be school holiday dependent.

In the mean time Alan drilled the hole for the power monitor that we are going to fit when we change the batteries. We have religiously measured the voltage every morning ensuring that it was over 12.3 volts, this did not do a lot of good as the batteries still only lasted a little over 2 years. Anyway the battery monitor will do away with that little chore and let us know how much charge we really are putting into the batteries.

Statistics so far:-

2067.25 Miles, 1132 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 34 Tunnels


4 Responses to A slow start

  1. brian says:

    The Chinese take a way is at the The Wheatsheaf Inn
    10 The Green, Braunston, Daventry NN11 7HW
    01788 890748 ‎

  2. nblazydays says:

    Thanks Brian, yes now that you come to mention it, it all comes flooding back.

  3. Marty Seymour says:

    The Chinese takeaway WAS at The Wheatsheaf Inn in Braunston. Following a change of management there earlier this year, it was discontinued. You could try The Boat House for its ‘two for one’ dinners (Marston Pedigree usually good) and I can also recommend the Hook Norton bitter at The Admiral Nelson.

  4. nblazydays says:

    Thanks Marty, the Hook Norton sounds good.

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