Newbold Quary

We started off to walk down the towpath to Rugby but were diverted by the Newbold Quarry Park. The centre of the park is an old cement quarry that has been flooded. The side we entered wasn’t very exciting with a high wall of railings and scrubby stuff blocking off a view of the water. (When we got round to the other side we could see why the railings were necessary: there was a precipitous drop down a cliff into the water.) We wandered round the paths around the park including one that took us up some steep steps to a fine view over the canal and beyond. Opposite the cliffs the path skirts the edge of the water and there were tufty ducks, a pair of grebe, coots, moorhen and seagulls to watch, along with a pair of swans and one cygnet. It seemed that the swans had decided that it was time its offspring left to fend for itself because it was driven away each time it came near them: we guessed there are many parents nowadays that might wish they could do the same! Apparently the quarry is one of the few protected habitats of the native white clawed crayfish, the only crayfish native to the British Isles. They have been almost wiped out nationally by the North American Signal Crayfish and the crayfish plague that they spread but are themselves immune to.

Newbold Quary

Down by the water

Statistics so far:-

2056.54 Miles, 1129 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 34 Tunnels


2 Responses to Newbold Quary

  1. Paul says:

    we are about 5-10 mins walk from you up the Willow Wren arm. Would be nice to catch up. regards Paul

  2. nblazydays says:

    It was a pity that we missed you but we will catch up later on this week. Good luck with the painting, when are you expected out it must be close now.

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