Marston Jabbett

Its a great pleasure drifting along the Ashby. We left Stoke Golding on a grey morning and it was somewhat chilly but this isn’t a canal to make excuses to be inside the boat. Its wonderfully satisfying to watch the fields glide by, there’s nothing dramatic, but I can’t drag myself away.

However reality does impinge as the outskirts of Hinckley are reached, with the Trumph factory and other industrial parks. There was a space at the Trinity Marina moorings at lunchtime. We started our walk into Hinckley town centre then decided that a longish walk on a busy and not very attractive road would make us fairly late moving on and might not be worth it. Sorry Hinckley, we may have treated you unfairly.

As we went on from Hinkley we removed our chimney after learning our lesson on the way up when an abrupt halt was made just before we lost the chimney cowl at bridge 17. They don’t make bridges like they did in the old days.

Our goal for the day was the good mooring place after bridge 3 at Marston Jabbett. This was the area where we had spotted voles on the way up so we are poised for a morning vole hunt.

The Ashby Canal

Bridge 6

Today we did 8.51 Miles

Statistics so far:-

2041.92 Miles, 1128 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 34 Tunnels particularly


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