Basin Bridge

This morning we retraced yesterday’s route as far as Marston Junction, where we turned onto the Ashby Canal. Its interesting that the last load of coal to be transported along the Ashby Canal went to Croxley Green in 1970, and that is where we have lived for 25 years.

Alan was in high excitement when he spotted three water voles swimming just before Bridge 3: I caught a glimpse of one. We are planning to moor there on the way back with the camera poised. He was nearly as excited, for some reason that I totally failed to comprehend, to see two lines of power pylons crossing each other not long afterwards, one set of pylons much lower than the other so that the wires could pass underneath. He would, I am sure, be pleased to explain why this is so exciting to anyone who is more interested than I.

As many people have told us in the past the Ashby is a lovely canal and we feel very at home already. We have passed through the hustle and bustle of Hinkley now tranquillity and beautiful countryside lie in front of us for the remaining 14 lock free miles.

The Greyhound

The Greyhound

Old Pump House at Hawkesbury Junction

A view of the Ashby from our current mooring

Today we did 10.38 Miles

Statistics so far:-

2006.62 Miles, 1128 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


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