Hawkesbury Junction

The journey from Hartshill to Nuneaton was very picturesque and green. There were some beautiful views and we spotted some lovely places to moor in the future. Just as we reached the town outskirts we went past another of the pyramid shaped spoil heaps from the old quarry workings. They really are amazing sights on the skyline, at one point it almost looked like a glimpse of South American temple through the vegetation.

Nuneaton has more allotments bordering the canal than I have ever seen in any one place before. People hereabouts must be very green fingered and ecologically conscious. We moored just after Bridge 20 and walked along the busy 444 to Sainburys. There were some very busy roads to cross at first. Near the supermarket there is a very enticing park with the river running through, we would have explored but were somewhat encumbered by a full shopping trolley with wobbly wheels (Alan) and a back pack with cartons of chopped tomatoes digging into my back. Life without a car boot!

We sped past Marston Junction with a sideways look along the Ashton – don’t new canals look enticing! We’ll go back there tomorrow. We were going on to Hawkesbury Junction to meet Dot and Derek, ex Gypsy Rover for the first time. The Junction moorings were pretty full by the time we got there late afternoon, and we turned at the junction itself and returned to moor quite a way along. It wasn’t an easy business, there was very heavy traffic in a very narrow section between moored boats and the sun was shining straight into the eyes of anyone coming in from the Nuneaton end.

As we walked to the start of the Oxford around 5.00 we wondered if we would recognise Dot & Derek if they were away from Granny Buttons. We passed a couple just before we reached Granny Buttons and I thought I caught a Kiwi accent. We turned to see that they were eyeing us in a similarly speculative fashion so snap! Off we went to The Greyhound (a splendid pub) and talked non top until we realised that it was nearly nine and maybe we were getting hungry. It was so wonderful to talk to fellow New Zealanders and Derek grew up in Watford where we have lived in or near for 30 years. Maybe we’ll see them again in New Zealand one day. What a lovely evening!

We meet at last!

Stop Lock – Oxford Canal

Today we did 8.92 Miles

Statistics so far:-

1996.24 Miles, 1128 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


2 Responses to Hawkesbury Junction

  1. Halfie says:

    What an amazing picture of the stop lock and junction! I like the way the low sun is glinting on the bridge and the balance beam.

  2. nblazydays says:

    Thanks Halfie, I thought it looked good at the time. I had to shoot into the sun and my arm was almost too short to stop the flare as the sun was at a very low angle.

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