We feel as if we are now heading back into more attractive countryside, not that we journeyed very far today! I started the day with a walk to the laundrette, following the route set of in the excellent Aylesbury Canal Society list. I took lots of reading but it wasn’t needed: I spent half the time talking to a local pensioner who had just had a cataract operation. The second half was talking to the lady running the laundrette. She told me that for 22 years she had worked in a local factory and had really enjoyed her job. The place was sold to an Indian company, her work went to India and she and 300 other people lost their jobs and had never been able to find anything else as good.

Around midday we moved off looking for a sunnier spot to stop for lunch – you’ll realise that there was never any intention of moving far. We had Alvecote in our sights as the Priory ruins sounded worth a visit, so we moored just past the Alvecote Marina and the Samuel Barlow pub, named after the former canal carrier based in this area. After lunch we went over to the ruins of the 12th century former Benedictine abbey and it was indeed a peaceful area in the sun, though considerably smaller in ground area than I had expected. Then we went for a walk through the nature reserve on the site of the former Alvecote Colliery: the marina is in the former loading basin. The two large pools formed when the ground subsided after mining ceased are supposed to be good places for wild fowl but this obviously isn’t the best time because they were virtually empty. There was an abundance of mushrooms with bright red tops with white spots, very Walt Disney. A quick google tells me that they are Amanita Muscaria and apparently deadly. Looked as though something had been eating them and there weren’t any dead birds or animals around but we still don’t plan to try them!

Alvecote Priory

Alvecote Priory

Yet another Alvecote Priory

Alvecote Marina


Today we did 2.34 Miles

Statistics so far:-

1978.39 Miles, 1117 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


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