We have really fallen for the charms of Alrewas and once again we are very reminded of the Oxford Canal. Its a very pretty village, so far we have seen a mixture of very beautiful older houses, several thatched and very sympathetically designed newer builds. There appears to be a very useful selection of shops, and we love the look of the butchers and will be shopping there in the future. The moorings are plentiful, and we have found a place on the 14 day moorings after meeting its previous resident at Alrewas Lock who pointed us in its direction. We are next to the large churchyard with the lovely old square towered 12th century church. And the Bowls Club!

Actually it was a very pleasant journey along here from last night’s mooring at Branston. Busy roads shadow the route for much of the way but there were pretty views, especially as we passed Branston Water Park. The last section was our final encounter with the Trent in a short river section between Wychnor and Alrewas. There was a lot of traffic on the canal and for just about the first time this year we were queuing at locks. As usual its a good way to get talking to other boaters and today’s lot were very friendly. We stopped and filled up with diesel from a boat that was selling it in 20 litre containers at 67p per litre. Apparently diesel is duty free provided it is sold in containers less than 25 litres. We bought 3 containers which were wheeled along to the boat.

The day was finished off nicely by a visit to the George and Dragon where Alan was delighted with his pints of Varsity.

Outside the Pub

Alrewas Church

Canalside Cottage

Today we did 5.32 Miles and 4 Locks

Statistics so far:-

1961.53 Miles, 1108 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


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