In fact this title should read Newark to Gunthorpe: we have guests on the boat, our friends Anne and Graham from New Zealand and the blog went to pot last night. Anne and I have been friends since we were at school together in New Zealand and we last saw them in February over in Wellington.

We travelled along from Cromwell Lock to Newark and were able to moor opposite the castle which we thought would be atmospheric for our visitors, and in any event the limited space remaining on the BW pontoon did not appeal. We had a good wander around Newark. Its a pleasant enough town and we might have stayed for another day or two under other circumstances. There are some interesting shops and the Market Square is very attractive. From a boater’s point of view the close proximity of two supermarkets can only be a bonus.

We made a fairly late start on our journey along the river and made it as far as Fiskerton for lunch. It wasn’t a nice day; we had heavy rain at times and strong winds and that makes for pretty bleak travelling on a wide river. Things improved in the afternoon and the sun shone at times, The last few miles down to Gunthorpe became increasingly attractive with wooded hills on one side and the sun finally shone by the time we arrived at a mooring on the BW pontoon.

Notable was the friendliness of the lock keepers. The Gunthorpe lock keeper had to leave early but he left the lock prepared for us and I managed the operation with no problems. Quite a power buzz to be filling such a big lock!

Yesterday we did 5.46 miles and 1 Lock

Today we did 13.44 miles and 3 Lock

Statistics so far:-

1914.65 Miles, 1089 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


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