The second day of our tidal Trent journey was considerably more sedate. We left Torksey at 10.30 and arrived at our mooring above Cromwell Lock at 2.00. It was a bright and sunny morning with a much lighter wind. We passed one of the big gravel barges moored up as it was Sunday and thought that it might have been interesting to have seen them in action. Maybe best not! The river has many twists and turns and two submerged islands mid stream to be avoided. We kept a careful eye on the charts and once again thought that we were fortunate to have such high water. The banks were fairly high for much of the journey and there was much less to see than during the first day. We phoned ahead to Cromwell Lock and the gates were open when we arrived. Its a vast lock: another boat dashed in just before the gates shut and there was room for many more.

Being absolutely famished by the time we arrived at Cromwell we moored up on the wall to eat lunch and then decided to stay here for the night. The river is very wide in front of us with a lovely line of water over the weir: there are cormorants perching on top and a kingfisher darted overhead. There’s a good crowd of boats here, most waiting to go to Torksey tomorrow morning and we’ve had a couple of long chats with other boaters. There’s another Stowe Hill boat here, a rather handsome tug.

Tomorrow we go on to Newark to meet up with our friends Anne and Graham, over from New Zealand. Little did Anne & I think when we were at secondary school together, then flatmates at university, that we would be meeting up on a narrowboat in England so many years later.

Our moorings at Torksey

Gravel Barge

Sunset over the Trent

Today we did 16.39 Miles and 1 Lock

Statistics so far:-

1895.75 Miles, 1085 Locks, 118 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


2 Responses to Cromwell

  1. Halfie says:

    Fantastic dramatic sunset photo! I love the little starburst suns on the boat.

  2. nblazydays says:

    Thanks Halfie, yes I thought that it looked amazing at the time, I have cropped out some of the boring stuff out of the picture.

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