Skyehouse Road Bridge

Today was a utilitarian day: we covered the necessary miles but it was all pretty bland. True we started on the Selby Canal and that is pretty in a very green vegetational way. But then it was on to the River Aire with its very dull banks. (But it does have some super bends which makes steering fun – there has to be something to prevent the steerer falling asleep!) We then returned to the Aire & Calder though Alan in a momentary blip seemed determined to head back to Castleford rather than turning left towards Goole. I think the Aire & Calder must be very like the wide commercial waterways in the Netherlands and Belgium: it does its job of getting you from A to B and makes it pretty easy with width and depth of water and mechanised locks. And finally we turned onto New Junction Canal and breathed sigh of relief. It may be 5 ½ miles of completely straight canal but the admittedly short section we have travelled so far is softer and has views.

We moored at 4.00 and the combination of a good edge to the towpath and the sun striking the side of the boat in such a way as to make it look decidedly dirty provoked me to a frenzy of cleaning the like of which is not usually seen (at least not with me doing it!) The unfortunate thing is that I’ll now have to do the other side tomorrow.

It is 9.30 p.m. and the strangest vessel has just gone past us headlamps and navigation lights ablaze and under the enormous lift bridge. As it went past in the dark it looked like a huge and extremely long barge but with many cabins rather than freight. But it was hard to see. Does anyone know what it might have been? Even more like the Belgian canals!

River Aire

Today we did 20.09 Miles and 4 Locks

Statistics so far:-

1831.79 Miles, 1080 Locks, 112 Swing Bridges, 72 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


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