The Wall

Our last day in York, and a beautiful sunny day at that. Just a perfect day….

We spent the first part of the day at the National Railway Museum, last visited when our children were… children! As always with these wonderful places there is too much to see before the legs give out. Of particular interest to us was an original and extremely well preserved wagon along with a section of railway and stone sleepers from the Peak Forest Tramway, which we walked along at the beginning of August.

Our second achievement of the day was walking the complete circumference of the city walls, with a short diversion to Morrisons and a restorative pint at the Yorkshire Terrier. Its a great walk with good views and many steps. (ED. And a good pub too.)

Tomorrow we are booked to lock down from Naburn at 1.30. We leave York with reluctance and a feeling that there remain many corners for us to explore.

Peak Forest Tram

Some Trains

Cliffords Tower

Monk Bar

Statistics so far:-

1789.02 Miles, 1074 Locks, 112 Swing Bridges, 72 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


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