York revisited

Over the past two days we have travelled back down from Ripon to York. On route from Ripon to our Sunday night stop at Boroughbridge we moored at Newby hall and explored their wonderful gardens. The herbaceous borders were in full bloom and gave plenty of scope to the photographer. They were divided into many smaller gardens and we certainly didn’t do them full justice before a sudden flurry of rain reminded us that we should move on to Boroughbridge if we were to find a mooring. As it was we had to moor at the pump out point, which wasn’t working unfortunately as we were hoping to use it. The night was disturbed by several raucous groups crossing the bridge around 2.00 a.m and we thought we thought wistfully of the undisturbed nights at Ripon.

Given our antisocial mooring position we decided to make an early start at 7.30 this morning and moored at York just after 12. We weren’t in the best of places as there was an underwater ledge and moved along when all the cruisers returned home at the end of their weekend out. We also walked out in a new direction by crossing the Lendal bridge and walking round part of the city walls (looking very like a small version of the Great Wall of China) as far as Micklegate. It reminded us that there are still many parts of York that we have not explored. We have another day to do our best before we head back down the tidal Ouse on Wednesday.

Lendal Tower

Lendal Bridge


City Wall

Micklegate Bar

Yesterday we did 7.56 Miles and 4 Locks

Today we did 19.87 Miles and 2 Locks

Statistics so far:-

1789.02 Miles, 1074 Locks, 112 Swing Bridges, 72 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


2 Responses to York revisited

  1. James says:

    Your final photo should be labelled ‘Micklegate Bar’. Micklegate is just the name of the street running below it, ‘gate’ from the scandinavian ‘gatan’ meaning street. The gateway entrances to the city are all Bars – Micklegate Bar, Monk Bar, Bootham Bar and Walmgate Bar. The bars are of course called pubs!

  2. nblazydays says:

    Thanks James and maybe we will visit some of these bars.

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