A day in Huddersfield

It was quite a relief to stay put today. The bikes had been rusting on the roof through all the rainy days and Alan gave them a thorough sort out. We bought a spike for the Calder and Hebble Navigation locks from Aspley Marina ready for a new experience tomorrow.

The afternoon was spent wandering round Huddersfield on a lovely sunny afternoon. We had a look at the Locomotive lift bridge, a very striking affair with white painted pulleys silhouetted against yet another mill chimney.

Lift Bridge and Mill

Lift Bridge

Huddersfield seems especially strong on markets: the Open Market building was rather glorious. There are the heavy and rather ornate buildings we’ve noticed in towns hereabouts where the mill owners liked to build big and solid and some striking churches. We did spot some interesting roof lines in the distance but the legs just wouldn’t carry us there even if we could find our way past a non pedestrian friendly double carriageway so we can’t say that we have explored Huddersfield’s full potential. Otherwise it is a fairly typical city centre with the usual chain stores.

Huddersfield Moorings

St Peters

Open Market

Statistics so far:-

1671.33 Miles, 1027 Locks, 112 Swing Bridges, 71 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


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