The Huddersfield Canal is one of my life’s experiences that will be unique – by that I mean that, like the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand, it was a wonderful and beautiful thing to have done but I will NEVER do it again! Unless I can travel as a non contributing passenger which would be sheer bliss.

From this you may gather that we have reached Huddersfield, totally shattered after five days of very hard labour canal speaking. Today we did 21 locks, at least 8 of which had both bottom paddles that were so stiff that they could only be opened by a ratchett technique, one cog at a time. There were several low pounds, one that I got stuck in for a long time scraping backwards and forwards until the boat found a way through with Alan yelling helpful suggestions from the towpath!! We also collected a huge amount of rubbish around the prop that brought us to a halt four locks out of Huddersfield.

On the plus side the sun shone today and we went through some very pretty areas. We have managed to find a mooring in town and we will have a day off tomorrow to explore Huddersfield for the first time.

Ed: I would do it again it is a great canal just needs some attention and some tender love and care, Frances would do it again, after all she did the Cheviot three times after saying she wouldn’t go up there again. Mind you I will never get her to go up the Cheviot again but it did take three times. I think that it should be called the ‘Huddersfield Shallow’, I was never sure whether the Locks or the Pounds were worse. We had been warned about lock 12 been a right pain but when we were going through lock 13 a couple of BW chaps arrived as if by magic and informed us that they would meet us at lock 12 as it was difficult and required two or three able bodied men to open.

Developed Titanic Mill

Wild Canal

More Developed Mills

Hard working Frances

Coming into Huddersfield

Today we did 4.62 Miles, 21 Locks and 2 Tunnels

Statistics so far:-

1671.33 Miles, 1027 Locks, 112 Swing Bridges, 71 Lift Bridges, 32 Tunnels


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