It seemed a long day, though at least we started early in sunshine from Portland Basin. Just as we pulled up for the first lock the engine cut out so Alan went down the weed hatch to find a fully lined curtain wrapped around the propeller. It took some getting out so that slowed us down. The surroundings were pretty drab as we climbed the six locks to Armentieres Square in Stalybridge where the rain started. It was impressive to see how the canal has been incorporated into the town centre and as I rose in the lock I had a wonderful view of the hills ahead. We then scraped our way through a landscape of pylons, including one that straddles the canal. We weren’t actually brought to a halt but we were bouncing along the bottom. With the rain falling heavily we moored for lunch at the service point above lock 8W.

I had a quick look through Steve Hayward’s “Narrowboat Dreams” to see if we had passed the point where he was trapped by a rock and decided to be positive that we had.

We had planned to stop for the night at Mossley but couldn’t see anywhere to moor and went on to Roaches Lock where we stopped in torrential rain. A hotel boat and butty were coming down the lock and said that they hadn’t managed to get through the tunnel to Huddersfield because of lack of water and that we will find tomorrow’s passage to Uppermill very difficult. Well tomorrow is another day. At least there is no more heavy rain forecast, the scenery is wonderful and its very interesting passing the wonderful old mill buildings.

Portland Basin

Portland Basin

Waiting for Lock to fill


Alan does locks too


Woodend Mill

Today we did 5.7 Miles 14 Locks 3 Tunnels

Statistics so far:-

1655.54 Miles, 970 Locks, 112 Swing Bridges, 71 Lift Bridges, 29 Tunnels ( 4 in Liverpool)


2 Responses to Woodend

  1. Halfie says:

    Perhaps you need the rain, to fill up the pounds a bit.

  2. nblazydays says:

    Hi Halfie

    The pounds on the Huddersfield seem to be full, the problem is that there are large stones along the canal bed and a little dredging wouldn’t go a miss. Yes hopefully the rain will help with the water shortage, every cloud has a silver lining as they say.

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