Another day of rain and greyness. It seemed a good idea to stay inside this morning. We finally stepped out mid afternoon, a signal to the heavens to open once more. But there was no turning back and we strode off on the road to Whaley Bridge, having seen that we could do a circular route to the town returning via the canal. The road turned out to be very narrow and steep – we were relieved that any cars came along when we were at the rare passing points. Despite the constant drizzle it was a very attractive walk past old stone houses and dry stone walls opening out to views over the town. Just before we reached the shops there was a chapel most attractively turned into a home, and then we came to the Shepherd’s Arms, a low lying white rendered Marston’s pub which would have been a definite destination tonight if we had been nearer. As it is we will happily pop back over to the Navigation. We finished our walk by calling into Tesco and taking the route back through the horse tunnel and up the steep cobbled path. The Basin is filling up for a Friday night – our 48 hours is up tomorrow and we will head back along the Peak Canal towards our appointment with the Standedge Tunnel – this time next week we should be on the other side, all going well.

A footnote: this might be one of the most picturesque places we have moored but it also one of the noisiest with a busy double carriage road just over the trees and planes overhead probably descending into Manchester Airport.

Our Current Location

18th Century House

Shepherds Inn

Statistics so far:-

1635.11 Miles, 940 Locks, 110 Swing Bridges, 68 Lift Bridges, 20 Tunnels


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