Bugsworth Basin

On the boating side it was a short journey today, from Furness Vale to Bugsworth Basin, via Tescos at the junction. Its been a very windy day and this made it difficult passing the long lines of boats moored at the marina, especially when a boater approaching at speed lost control and swung across the canal in front of me.

Bugsworth Basin is a wonderful place to moor with three basins and arms, all with good depth of water. Its has Ancient Monument status and is situated at the end of a former 6 mile tramway from Dove Holes. The first basin and the tramway opened in 1796. For 130 years the trams took limestone down from the quarries to be loaded into narrowboats and were pulled back by horses, empty or carrying coal. A waggoner and “nipper” controlled the trams (of up to 40 wagons) by braking as necessary as they careered down the tracks under gravity.

We walked up the old tramway, now the Peak Forest Tramway Trail, as far as the Chapel Milton viaducts, passing the sites of former mills on the way. Its possible to see the stone sleepers for the tram tracks. The track is still much in use by walkers and cyclists, some to go to and from work. It passes through beautiful scenery and we decided that the 22 mills that once existed along the tramway route would have been preferable to the noisy traffic on the very busy road just behind the trees.

We finished off with a drink at The Navigation Inn, a pub formerly owned by Pat Pheonix, Elsie Tanner in Coronation Street.

Bugsworth Basin

Navigation Inn

Rail Sleepers

Chapel Milton Viaducts

Hills viewed from old Tram way

Mill Chimney

Today we did 2.24 Miles 1 swing bridge

Statistics so far:-

1635.11 Miles, 940 Locks, 110 Swing Bridges, 68 Lift Bridges, 20 Tunnels


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