Bollington West

I woke up this morning with a positive motivation to fit the new button fender that we had bought from a diesel boat in Kidsgrove, as you can imagine it took a lot longer than I first estimated. I really needed a second pair of hands to fit the chains and make the adjustments but the job was eventually completed and I managed to stay out of the canal. No mean feat precariously balanced over the bow, I did get a lot of comments from passing boaters and walkers.

This afternoon we walked up to bridge 21 and then on to the Middlewood Way which runs from Macclesfield to Marple, it’s another old railway line that has been converted to a cycle and walking way.

We have really enjoyed our brief stay in Bollington but we must move on as we have a date with the Standedge tunnel on the 13th and there are lots of other places to see on the way.

Art Centre

The Waterhouse

View from Viaduct


Clarence Mill

Middlewood Way

Statistics so far:-

1620.13 Miles, 940 Locks, 108 Swing Bridges, 66 Lift Bridges, 20 Tunnels


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