A very early start this morning, we wanted to beat the rain to the top of the locks, as it was we beat the rain into Bollington. We had not intended to come this far and after dithering about the moorings south of Macclesfield we decided to press on into Macclesfield, a big mistake as the moorings there were next to useless. So it was onwards to Bollington which is where we are moored now, in a very nice spot over an Aqueduct. If we wish to explore Macclesfield it will have to be by bus or bike.

We did the 12 Bosley locks in just over 2 hours, which was probably helped by the fact that we were the only boat using the locks at 7am, and could set the locks to suit our pace.

There was a very interesting boat moored up below the locks and the owner said that it was made this way to give more room inside. You can see from the photo below that the locks are very narrow, but I do like the stone work it gives the locks real character. There was a snake bridge as we came into Macclesfield, these are placed where the towpath changes sides on the canal, it meant that the horse could cross the canal without having the tow rope undone.

Interesting Narrowboat – made like this to give extra space inside.

Narrow Lock – great stone work

Into the Lock – or should that be out of the Lock

a Snake Bridge in Macclesfield

Today we did 9.46 Miles and 12 Locks

Statistics so far:-

1620.13 Miles, 940 Locks, 108 Swing Bridges, 66 Lift Bridges, 20 Tunnels


2 Responses to Bollington

  1. Julia & Mark says:

    Hi there,
    We passed you this morning, needing water & an elsan point dictating we move on! Did notice a’Lazydays’ but not sure if it was fellow bloggers – we are now moored on the Gurnett Aqueduct, walked into town for some bits & bobs, just nicely got back when the heavens opened! Enjoy Bollington it’s a lovely village, if you go right through the gate near the moorings & down past the civic centre there is a post office, chemists & eventually a small co-op. The walk up to White Nancy is a good leg stretch but well worth it for the views. Julia & Mark

  2. nblazydays says:

    Julia and Mark

    We almost stopped there, and wish we had as it made a long day of it coming through Macclesfield. We will take a walk up White Nancy, when the rain stops. Well guess that we will catch up with you somewhere on the cut.

    Alan and Frances

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