Ramsdell Hall

We thought that we would have a quick start today and get moving before the forecast rain hit. All those of a squeamish nature look away now.

We needed a pump out and so we moved 100 metres to the service area and got started with the business. As we were sorting ourselves out a dust lorry came down and parked next to us as it loaded the rubbish from the skips. We just finished pumping out and I was just going to flush the tank with water when I noticed a stream of dirty liquid coming from under the lorry, on closer inspection we discovered that we had dirty foul water coming out from a drain cover on the other side of the lorry.

I stopped flushing the water and Frances ran to inform BW of the incident. (By great luck we were next to the BW Pennine headquarters). Out they came fully equipped with extending brushes and muttering this is the second time this week. The sewerage pipe was blocked and we set about clearing the blockage, it is amazing what people put down there, cloths the size of towels. Then we discovered an extension tube from a previous drain cleaning exercise. After fiddling around for a while the BW chap got that out and we thought that that must have been the cause as the large cloth material would have got caught up on the rod. Enough of this; let me just say that more rods were found before the blockage was cleared. I think that the main cause of the reoccurring blockage has been found and that once all the rods have been flushed through it should hopefully be business as usual.

(What is it about men and holes? This unblocking took the combined efforts of four men, one doing all the work, Alan lending our boathook, and two joining him in looking in fascination down the hole. Despite the smell they all seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. As we finally pulled away from the mooring, more than an hour late, the bloke on the boat that had been filling up with water behind us, and who was less under way than us, was galvanised by the thought that he might have to wait for the next lock for more than five minutes. He screamed past us at full speed as we moved gently along the few yards to the lock mooring and cut in. Alan has been fuming and muttering about fat gits ever since. Frances)

We are now moored up on the Macclesfield near Ramsdell Hall, another new canal for us to explore. We were going to go for a walk after doing a few chores around the boat but having been rained on for most of the day and having a very low dark cloud squatting over head has deterred us from this activity. Maybe in the morning, weather permitting.

Macclesfield Canal

Today we did 3.66 Miles and 4 Locks

Statistics so far:-

1603.42 Miles, 928 Locks, 108 Swing Bridges, 66 Lift Bridges, 20 Tunnels


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