Hassal Green

Hassall by name Hassle by nature, we had decided to stop off and have a pub lunch, not a good idea when the said pub had just had a big night of fund raising and late night shenanigans. Not only were they poor on service, I just had to complain about that but they then gave our meal to a couple who had ordered much later than us, we waited for over an hour for our lunch and then only because we reminded them of our existence. The pub is not called the Romping Donkey for nothing. We should have stayed at home and had the roast chicken, but after 10 locks we felt like a break, it was after all Sunday.

We came along with a couple of other boats that we had travelled along with yesterday, they have now moved on and we are sitting listening to the roar of the M6 as we digest our late afternoon lunch.

We had got back to the boat to discover that one of the pins had been pulled, when I had earlier hammered it home I was thinking that I would have a problem getting that out in the morning, no such problem. I know that there are differing opinions on speeding boats, eg Maffi – dead against and Granny Buttons thinks that it is all down to the moored boat being correctly moored and fair game for the speeding boatist. I would say that we just cannot believe the speed at which moving boats come past us, there is definitely a prevailing attitude that you do not slow down going passed moored boats especially around these parts. We are for one on the side of Maffi on this, what will happen when the Oxford canal has no towpath as it has been slowly pulled into the canal? Surprisingly the main culprits are not hirers but private boat owners, we came on to the canal to enjoy the slower pace of life not to be on the side of a watery speedway.

It is very nice having the double locks and it is very useful when travelling in convoy, this is especially so now that the school holidays have begun and the boating traffic has increased substantially.

Double Locks


Today we did 4.61 Miles and 10 Locks

Statistics so far:-

1595.71 Miles, 911 Locks, 108 Swing Bridges, 66 Lift Bridges, 20 Tunnels


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