We set off early this morning in heavy rain, isn’t it just typical that when you don’t have to move it doesn’t rain but when you must move it must rain. The anticipated heavy traffic at bridge 12 wasn’t too bad although it seemed like ages before I had a gap in the traffic to bring down the barriers before swinging the bridge open.

We are now in a group of four boats waiting at bridge 10 for our trip down into Liverpool tomorrow. It was great to see the boats coming up this evening, we will be taking their place tomorrow, among them was Foursome who we have bumped (not literally) into on a number of occasions, they handed us some electricity cards that they hadn’t used. We also met Balmaha who we have met a couple of times but at the time didn’t realise they were bloggers.

Bridge 11

Coming through Bridge 11

Approaching our current mooring

Today we did 9 Miles and 5 Swing bridges

Statistics so far:-

1480.98 Miles, 871 Locks, 92 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 17 Tunnels


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