Well I have not blogged in a while, weather, tennis, football (football?) and last but not least relatives have all got in the way to conspire and demotivate blogging activities.

We came along with Rose of Parbold which helped coming through the swing bridges, particularly Crabtree swing bridge near the slipway pub. No abuse from the cars when you have 3 blokes manning the bridge. The Rose of Parbold is a charity widebeam boat that takes people from care homes and the like on a run along the canal. They operate 6 days a week with a team of 35 volunteers.

On Saturday we went down to Appley bridge and then back to Burscough for a BBQ with Paul and Pauline, a very nice time we had too.

On Tuesday we cycled over to the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust at Martin Mere, we were given a very informative tour of the grounds by Pauline, it certainly makes a difference when you are with someone who know what they are talking about and full of enthusiasm to boot.

Today we moved along to just past Scarisbrick marina (again), we have another day to get to bridge 9 for our rendezvous with BW and our trip into Liverpool.

Today we did 5 Miles and 2 Swing bridges

Saturday we did 10.57 Miles 2 Locks and 3 Swing Bridges

Statistics so far:-

1480.08 Miles, 871 Locks, 87 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 17 Tunnels


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