Still Burscough

We travelled down to Pinfold for a pump out and then winded and are now back where we started ready for our trip out tomorrow with my cousin Pauline and her husband Paul. The facilities on this section of the canal are a bit on the sparse side and we were fortunate in finding this pump out service while out driving around with Pauline yesterday.

We called out and spoke briefly with Terry Darling on Phyllis May II as we went past them as they moored up, he said that he had bought the new boat 4 days after the fire.

On the way back we had a bit of an altercation, well when I say we I should really say Frances, she was operating the mechanical swing bridge at the slipway pub whilst being bombarded by abuse from four men in their late twenties, not very helpful and probably slowed the proceedings somewhat.

Well just a short blog today, its Friday and time to go to the pub.

Today we did 7.22 Miles and 4 Swing Bridges

Statistics so far:-

1464.51 Miles, 869 Locks, 82 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 17 Tunnels


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