Plank Lane lift bridge

We felt that we needed to move on today and have travelled over 14 miles and are now moored up next to the Plank Lane lift bridge, this is operated by BW and we just missed the operator so can go no further today. The Bridgewater canal is managed by the Manchester Ship Canal company and I have to say that the facilities provided by the MSC leave a lot to be desired, although having said that I am not sure how much if any is financed from our BW license fee, so I guess I can’t really complain. We are now on the Leeds and Liverpool canal hence the presence of BW.

We have been skirting around and next to the Manchester ship canal and today we went one better and came across the top on a swing aqueduct, yes I did say swing, although it does very little swinging nowadays.

We had a beautiful walk around Pennington Flash Country Park and had a chance to use our new Meade spotting scope that we picked up from Costco for £34 when we were back in Croxley.

view of Manchester Canal from Barton Swing Aqueduct

Keep off the Rocks

Packet House Worsley

Today we did 14.54 Miles – yes 14.54

Statistics so far:-

1440.48 Miles, 861 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 17 Tunnels


2 Responses to Plank Lane lift bridge

  1. Halfie says:

    I’m pleased to see that the water at Worsley has gone back to its proper orange colour again.

  2. nblazydays says:

    This is the first time we have been here so that is the only colour we have seen it and it was this colour a mile or so either side of Worsley. I am not very good at imparting facts about the canal as we go around.

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