Castlefields Arena

Well we had a quick trip down to Croxley Green, Frances rang tional rail enquireis and was quoted £78 for two return tickets for Manchester to Watford, meanwhile I played around with the Crosscountry web site and found the same journey for £42, the cheap advanced return is £109 and the women on the phone with Frances said we should really take her offer as it was a saving of £31. I don’t think so. Anyway we had two and a half days of seeing our daughters family.

We are now back on the boat and discovered that we are in the middle of a warren of an arena namely Castlefields Arena which has been set up for the world cup. The question is do we nip down to one of the big screens or stay at home and watch it on TV?

Yesterday I mentioned the water wheel, well just down from us is the oldest canal warehouse in Manchester and a mighty fine building it looks too.

Big Screen

Sand Pit

Merchants Warehouse

Current Mooring

Statistics so far:-

1425.94 Miles, 861 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 17 Tunnels


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