A bit of history

Above the basin at street level is a wheel monument describing the use of the original site, which was used for bringing coal into Manchester. In 1960 they pulled down the original building but in 1987 they built a reconstructed water wheel hoist which can be just about seen by peering in through the bars of the building. The plaque says that the delivery of cheap coal marked the beginning of the industrial revolution and helped to establish Manchester as a principal manufacturing centre. Of course the wheel was also designed by James Brindley.

The wheel is housed to the left of the arches behind the lift bridges, although the hoist is operational it doesn’t run all of the time but we were very fortunate to witness a fully operational wheel driven system at Dunham Massey Park. The wheel there was driving saws and lathes.

Water wheel building

Water wheel

Wheel monument

Water Wheel at Dunham Massey Park

Statistics so far:-

1425.94 Miles, 861 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 17 Tunnels


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