Stockton Heath

Well the boat is still in one piece and we had a quiet night in Runcorn, some young kids did sniff around our bikes while I was cooking tea but that was it. I do prefer the countryside moorings to these town moorings.

We are now moored up in Stockton Heath which is a suburb of Warrington, we will have an explore tomorrow.

The bridges on the Bridgewater canal do not have numbers but are all named, we were moored up next to Waterloo Bridge and are now moored up next to London bridge, so if we had been on the Thames we would not have travelled so far.

As we have now become addicted to standing or slowing the boat next to reeds and listening to the warblings and looking out for a sighting.

Waterloo Bridge

Reed Warbler

Today we did 9.69 Miles

Statistics so far:-

1408.11 Miles, 861 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 17 Tunnels


2 Responses to Stockton Heath

  1. pete says:

    hello you two. I have a good friend who has just moved to stockton heath, i will ask him if there is anything you shouldnt miss… Or anything that you should! 🙂

  2. nblazydays says:

    That would be good, we will be here for at least two nights.

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