Batington Wharf

This morning we were awoke with what sounded like the audio from a Raw Hide set. Looking out the port holes and all you could see were hooves, it turned out that one cow posse was calling over to another herd on the other river bank, this went on until we had our breakfast and then on some hidden command both posses headed west.

We motored down through the first lock passing the remains of pickerings lock, the houses on the north side at this site have no road so have to carry everything across the river by boat. At the second lock we had to wait until they could clear an obstruction from one of the lock gates, we made the most of this and had lunch.

We came down to the Anderton Lift bridge to see if we could get through on spec, it costs £5 if you pre book, as it happens we got through without any delay.

We have now made our way further north on the Trent and Mersey and as the crow flies are not very far from where we started this morning, we can see the river from our moorings.

There is an Anderton boat lift theme to the photographs today.

Isolated Houses at Pickerings lock

View from the river

Inside Anderton Boat Lift

Outside Anderton Boat Lift

Coming out of Anderton Boat Lift

Today we did 11.48 Miles 2 Locks and 2 Tunnels

Statistics so far:-

1387.77 Miles, 860 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 16 Tunnels


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