We walked over to Frodsham this morning, it was a very pleasant walk along the river with the highlight of listening to and seeing a reed warbler. We braved the A56 up from the river and into the centre of Frodsham and yes it was worth it. It is a pity that major roads have to run through town centres but I guess that is how it is.

There is talk, apparently of renovating the disused cut into Frodsham, it does look in good repair apart from a very low bridge and the final lock and sluice gate into Frodsham.

I have put up, as requested a photo of our kitchen, and now you can see how little space there is to produce those meals that Frances goes on about, well in a good way I hope.

I might even put up some photos of the town tomorrow.

Last night we had a fantastic sunset so here it is.


Frodsham Cut Lock



Statistics so far:-

1365.81 Miles, 858 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 14 Tunnels


One Response to Frodsham

  1. David Bath says:

    Glad you liked Frodsham. I live in Japan now, and while it’s got it’s good points, a lot of it is a big concrete strip. I dream of my beautiful little Frodsham and its pubs.

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