Lazy Days on the Air

A quiet day today. Frances varnished the top box, she is that sort of person. Where as I got out my radio stuff, we have been moored up next to a fellow aficionado on a couple of occasions while on the river Weaver. First I got out the radio and this lay around for a couple of days in expectation. Then this morning with a burst of enthusiasm, out came all of the kit and caboodle and the photo below is the result. I use Morse code and talked to people in Kent and Scotland, this is the first time I have used the equipment since we started travelling around the system.

Okay so there is no boating theme here, but if we do go down, I will be the last on board sending out an SOS. The cows did come along and have a nose round but then moved on to more interesting things.

Lazy Days on the Air

Statistics so far:-

1365.81 Miles, 858 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 14 Tunnels


4 Responses to Lazy Days on the Air

  1. Halfie says:

    I am a lapsed radio amateur. I got a G8 license – ooh – 36 years ago(!) (Yes, I’ve double checked!) but never got round to actually getting my own TX rig. I was more interested in short wave listening at the time (and I had no money). Then at Uni I got up to speed on Morse but didn’t take the test … and other things became more important.

    I wonder if I’d get back my old callsign if I wanted to?

    I bet it’s all changed now – these days I expect you can arrange scheds online. Or do you still CQ?

  2. Halfie says:

    PS Let me guess: 40 metres?

  3. nblazydays says:

    I have had a license since 1965 and I am still using my first log book. I am not sure what the situation is regards your call sign, there have been so many changes to the license conditions over recent years but I should think that you would still have access to it.

    Yes 40 metres, the antenna is a dual 20/40 metre dipole.

    Yes the internet plays a big part, but since coming on the boat I have not had a lot to do with it. Rigs are computer controlled and dx stations can be identified on the internet and the computer can set your rig to the appropriate frequency. In fact the operator is not needed, but what is the point of that.

    I like the morse aspect of operating and also using low power.

  4. Alf says:

    I see you are at Devils Garden, a truly buitifull spot.

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