Ellesmere Port

Look I know that I have not been too good with the blog of late, in fact it is ever since we came back from New Zealand and Australia, I must have picked up a no blogging bug.

We did go home last week and managed a quick visit to the Rickmansworth Canal Festival, and surprisingly it was not raining, which must be a first for as long as I can remember, Frances’ says it didn’t rain last year.

We returned to the boat on Sunday and made our way on Monday along the canal towards Ellesmere Port stopping at Chester Zoo. On Tuesday we had a very enjoyable day at the Zoo, it was well worth the entrance fee. In the afternoon we were subjected to this loud howling which turned out to be coming from a Gibbon sitting atop of a pole, apparently in the morning when they all come out they can be heard for miles. We can vouch for this as we could hear them from our boat this morning.

The canal from the zoo into Ellesmere Port is an interesting mix of heavy industry and rural pasture lands. One of the refineries that we passed had a large sign up advertising a Technical Demolition Service, a sign of the times.

Once you arrive at Ellesmere you have the option of mooring at the top or descending through two locks into the lower basin, where you become a part of the museum exhibits. The cost for mooring here is the entry fee to the museum for each adult on the boat and you can stay here for a week, not bad.

Rural Industry

Ellesmere Port



Today we did 4.49 Miles and 2 Locks

Monday we did 4.01 Miles

Statistics so far:-

1304.72 Miles, 828 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 14 Tunnels


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