Last night we watched Somewhere at Sea with Timothy Spall. When they left Helford River it was a bit like us leaving Nantwich today, we have spent a fair bit of time here since before Christmas. Well okay there was the small trip to the antipodes and then a trip up the Llangollen, so let me see, that must mean that we have actually spent at least two weeks in Nantwich. So it was with great sadness that we said our farewells.

So this morning it was down to the winding hole and an about turn towards Chester. The journey to Calveley was carried out mainly in the rain, (ah! summer at last). The Shroppie has broadened out and we are not being buffeted and knocked about so much as speeding boats go by, I would say that about 1 in 10 boats travel passed us at a reasonable speed. It is good to be on the move again and maybe I can get back into the swing on the blogging front.

Frances was very disappointed that I had not included a picture of the cows watching us with great interest as we left our shed after blacking, so I will include it now. When we arrived for blacking the tractor pulled us out the water and we followed behind as it trundled off down the road, as the cow sheds loomed up, Frances said “oh that’s an interesting use of cow sheds” thinking that was our final destination but as we approached we discovered that the cow sheds were being used to house cows and we moved on by to the …….boat sheds.

What's this going by?

Today we did 7.23 Miles

Statistics so far:-

1282.32 Miles, 812 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 14 Tunnels


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