Swanley Marina

Well here we are moored outside of Swanley Marina ready for a week of scraping and sprucing up the boat. A boat comes out of dry dock tomorrow morning at 10 am and we take its place for a week of merriment and fun, there is nothing wrong with a little positive thinking.

Missed four days of the blog, probably due to moving so quickly that my brain was unable to assimilate the incoming information, after all we did in four days what would normally take us fourteen.

Thursday Moved to Ellesmere and did 5.06 Miles and 5 Locks

Friday moved to Willey Moor Lock and did 14.74 Miles and 7 Locks

Saturday moved to Wrenbury we did 4.34 miles and 3 Locks and 5 lift bridges

Sunday we stayed in Wrenbury

Today we did 6.15 Miles 3 Locks and 1 Lift bridge twice

Statistics so far:-

1270.88 Miles, 808 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 65 Lift Bridges, 14 Tunnels


One Response to Swanley Marina

  1. Capt Ahab says:

    I look forward to seeing the impact of T189!

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