Near Chirk

The Llangollen canal is just about on the limit of our draught, we run aground almost every time we pass a boat coming the other way, so I think it will be a quick run up to the end and then back to the Montgomery, and here’s hoping that there is more depth to that canal. We have had some beautiful weather over the last few days and spent the time walking around the mere at Ellesmere. We are now moored up just outside of Chirk. I haven’t got back into my stride for blogging, obviously still in a holiday mood, I have to say though that we are piling up the miles.

Today we did 9.3 miles and 2 Locks

Statistics so far:-

1144.54 Miles, 775 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 55 Lift Bridges, 10 Tunnels


3 Responses to Near Chirk

  1. Halfie says:

    Perhaps you’re weighed down with lots of beer and wine!

  2. nblazydays says:

    So it should be okay on the way back

  3. Halfie says:

    Unless you restock in Llangollen!

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