The Big Freeze

We are glad we moved along to our winter moorings as we would have been stuck and unable to move the boat before our trip to New Zealand. I guess we are all in the same boat (sorry) with the whole country being iced in, we couldn’t imagine a better spot, we have good shops and pubs nearby, not to mention the British Waterways facilities and boat yard.

We had a walk today in the bright and crisp sunshine taking in a geocache for good measure.

We are moored next to a permanent moored boat that run their engine for hours at maximum power and in gear, I am sitting here with ice creaking and the boat rocking with the force of the water being pushed passed us with the occasional crash as bits of ice bang against the boat. We haven’t really spoken with them other then exchanging a few pleasantries when they arrived back from a trip out, as they work during the day we have not seen them since.

We have started to look at what we need to winterize the boat, maybe we should have looked at this earlier.

Lazy Days in the snow

Moored boats

Winter in the Marina

Frozen Canal

Statistics so far:-

1106.38 Miles, 754 Locks, 74 Swing Bridges, 48 Lift Bridges, 10 Tunnels


3 Responses to The Big Freeze

  1. Paul says:

    thanks for that Allan yes they do 2 sizes the small one will do me fine @ £6 99 that brings a total to £19 49 for the components makes you wonder how they can justify £90 £120 As this was just an excersise Im glad I proved a point but I may go ahead and make one just for the HELL of itRegards Paul

  2. nblazydays says:

    Yes they are expensive, we paid about £80 for ours a few years ago, but we were working then. It would be interesting to see your completed module, good luck with that.

  3. Oke Wege says:

    ‘Tis such a shame that we don’t know who Paul is. It would be good to see the discussion referencing thermocouples.

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