Fenny Compton

August 17, 2009

I think that we are still suffering from the festival, can’t remember have I mentioned we were at a three day music festival in Cropredy.

We motored on down to the water point and on the way said our goodbyes to Del and Al on Derwent6. Although we did not get to see much of them we do feel that we had a shared Fairport experience with them.

Bit of a long day today as I guess others had the same idea about leaving it a day before setting off and we had to queue at every lock. And then just to add insult to injury we decided not to stop at the top of the Claydon Locks. I take full responsibility for this naff decision, I remember saying, jokingly that we would end up in Fenny Compton and guess what, the clue is in the title. I cannot believe it (think Victor Meldrew, Frances often does) that we did not stop at the most perfect mooring you could imagine and plodded on to end up moored outside of the Fenny Compton marina, don’t ask.

Today we did 6.57 Miles 9 Locks and 1 Lift Bridge

Statistics so far:-

763.76 Miles, 547 Locks, 47 Swing Bridges, 46 Lift Bridges, 6 Tunnels.