Croxley and back

May 28, 2009

We reversed up passed Tesco’s to the winding hole and then headed back to the marina in Croxley where we had come from at the weekend, we needed to pump out. We had thought that we were close to a full tank but thought that we would get the extra mileage. The trials of living on a narrow boat.

We came back through with an interesting boat load of people, I walked between locks with a retired doctor who was having his first trip on a narrow boat and thoroughly enjoying it and why wouldn’t he?

I have now finished the shower at home so that leaves us free to pursue the boat work, although there are always things lurking around the corner.

Today we did 5.1 miles and 6 Locks

Statistics so far:-

536.67 Miles, 447 Locks, 47 Swing Bridges, 27 Lift Bridges, 6 Tunnels.