Croxley by boat

May 12, 2009

Yes we are in Croxley, but this time we brought the boat.

Frances woke up at 5.30 AM, apparently. I was not there I was still in the land of nod. As it was we did set off this morning before 7, we needed to get down to Croxley by midday so that the DIY and baby sitting task force could offer some much needed support at Manor Way.

I only managed to take a couple of pictures on the way as I think I may have been sleep walking or the narrowboat equivalent of.

Modern footbridge Apsley

Modern footbridge Apsley

Old footbridge Apsley

Old footbridge Apsley

About halfway down we met up with Martin and Janet and completed the days travel with them, it is definitely much easier when sharing the locks.

We pumped out at the Bridgewater basin and then reversed back to our current location near the overhead underground line. Gaby turned up with Ralph as we were completing our task, so Ralph had his first trip on a narrowboat albeit in reverse, as he has only mastered crawling in reverse it seemed appropriate.

We have just recovered the car from Apsley after an exhausting afternoon of painting and entertaining Ralph (my task).

I think that we will sleep well tonight.

Today we did 6.52 miles and 14 Locks

Statistics so far:-

529.08 Miles, 438 Locks, 47 Swing Bridges, 27 Lift Bridges, 6 Tunnels.