No bellowing

The reason that Braunston is so popular is that it is a centre that spreads out in all directions. You can go up to Coventry or Warwick and down to Oxford or London and across to Leicester. We have moved along to a 14 day mooring going up the Coventry arm.

Today we did a pumpout with all of the correct connectors and it was completely successful, it took four and half minutes of pumping and there was no bickering or bellowing in the very calm and relaxed atmosphere that should accompany such activities.

As for who does the bickering or indeed the bellowing, apparently it is me.

Statistics so far:-

416.18 Miles, 319 Locks, 44 Swing Bridges, 27 Lift Bridge, 4 Tunnels. 3 batteries!! 1 Alternator


2 Responses to No bellowing

  1. nblazydays says:

    You can say that again. Mind you if it hadn’t of worked we would have ditched it. As it is we are now converts to the self pumpout.

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